Ansible Proxmox Vm Config

under Ansible Proxmox

Looking for a way to get Proxmox VM configuration in ansible? The community.general.proxmox_kvm module doesn’t have a qm config output, but you can use the Rest API to find out all current configuration.

Least Common Multiple Vect Rust

under Programming Rust Advent of Code

Non-recursive least common multiple function for multiple (vec) numbers in Rust.

Anova Table Solver

under Calculator Statistics

Simple javascript solver for ANOVA tables from set of known values. Values entered show in red. You can reset by reloading the page

Advent Of Code Input Parsing

under Programming Rust Advent of Code

With 2021 done, wanted to go back and put together a gist list of the input parsing, using standard crate Rust, for future reference

Simple Rss Feed With Jekyll

under Programming Jekyll

With moving my site off of Wordpress, I landed on Jekyll, but wanted to add an RSS feed option. Here is a simple way, without plugins. One of its example Generator plugins for Jekyll is their jekyll-feed plugin, used as a reference for those creating similar style file generation. Since I am Gemfile less currently, I really didnt want to add another configuration item, and it dawned on me…just build the RSS feed using templates and liquid!